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Editor’s Note No. 131
Friday, 19 June 2009
Lynn Wagner, Ph.D.
Lynn Wagner, PhD
Linkages Update

and MEA Bulletin
As this year’s Northern summer begins, the international sustainable development policy arena promises to become busier, rather than the usual pattern of slowing down for several months.

The June Bonn Climate Change Talks often mark a point following which delegates can take a much-needed break. Delegates find themselves in a very different situation after the 2009 June Bonn talks, however. They emerged from the two-week meeting with a 200-page draft negotiating text to ponder. As our Earth Negotiations Bulletin analysis from the meeting notes, one expert said “Moving from over 200 pages to an acceptable agreement will require both a lot of technical drafting and, more importantly, political vision.” And the Bali Roadmap, agreed in December 2007, suggests this should all come together in the next six months. Vacations will be delayed as the technical drafting resumes in August, again in Bonn. The political vision will be explored in the coming weeks during a preparatory meeting for the Major Economies Forum in Mexico and the Leaders’ Meeting in Italy, the G8 Summit in Italy, and the Greenland Dialogue, an informal discussion among ministers. Here at IISD Reporting Services, we will be watching these and other developments as the countdown to Copenhagen continues.
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