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FAO Appoints New Deputy Director-General
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Gardens of Biodiversity
Global Ocean Protection: Present Status and Future Possibilities
Environmental Consequences of Ocean Acidification
Waste and Climate Change: Global Trends and Strategy Framework
New Africa Water Atlas
Financing Climate Change Action and Boosting Technology Change
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Latest News - Friday, 10 December 2010
Climate Change Negotiators Near Conclusion of Cancún Talks
Cancún—The UN Climate Change Conference in Cancún opened on 29 November 2010 and is scheduled to conclude on 10 December 2010. At the conclusion of the first week, the subsidiary bodies forwarded a number of draft decisions for adoption at the final plenary, to be held on 10 December 2010. More.
Photo: Christiana Figueres, UNFCCC Executive Secretary meets with Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General
Development and Climate Days at COP 16 Focus on Scientific Knowledge
Agriculture and Rural Development Day Forwards Recommendations to UNFCCC Negotiators
Cancún Oceans Day Discusses Strategy on Oceans and Climate
Global Business Day Reviews Experience with Mexican Dialogue
Other News
UNGA Second Committee Adopts Texts on Disaster Reduction, Climate Effects on SIDS
Sustainable Development News

Intergovernmental Organizations
UNGA adopts climate change resolution UNEP IEG Consultative Group Makes Recommendations to Governing Council
UNGA adopts climate change resolution UNEP and World Customs Organization Confiscate ODS
UNGA adopts climate change resolution UNEP to Assist Maldives in Becoming Carbon Neutral
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Trade, Finance & Investment
World Bank and UNDP Launch Climate Finance Options Database
GEF Supports Tiger Initiatives
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ACP Holds Conference on Climate Change Challenges
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Forest Day Highlights Urgency to Act on REDD+
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ACP Fisheries Ministers Adopt Action Plan
UNESCO Marine Heritage Site Managers Discuss Conservation
GEF Endorses Projects on International Waters
ICCAT Extraordinary Meeting Adopts By Catch Measures
More Water News

Second Committee Adopts Texts on Biodiversity
CMS Standing Committee Considers Process on the Future Shape of the CMS
CGIAR Launches Crop Genebank Knowledge Base
International Year of Biodiversity Honored as Best Global Environmental Campaign
UNDP Portrays Latin America and Caribbean as a Biodiversity Superpower
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Capacity Building Project Launched for Eastern European States under LRTAP
StEP Initiative Convenes General Assembly
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Key meetings in the next month
ITTC 46: 13-18 December 2010. Yokohama, Japan.
12th Meeting of the Adaptation Fund Board: 14-15 December 2010.
26th OECD Ministerial Roundtable on Sustainable Development - Green Growth: 14 December 2010. Paris, France.
UNCCD Technical Workshop on Impact Indicator Refinement: 16-17 December 2010. Bonn, Germany.
First Intersessional Meeting for UNCSD: 10-11 January 2011. New York, US.
CSD Intersessional Meeting on Sustainable Consumption and Production: 13-14 January 2011. Panama City, Panama.