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Editor's Note: The New Linkages Update for IISD's Knowledge Management Projects 

Issue #163 | 3 March 2011

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By: Lynn Wagner, Ph.D., Group Director, SDG Knowledge, IISD <>

Welcome to the new format for Linkages Update.

In January 2011, Linkages Update was transformed to highlight recent posts on our four knowledgebases: Climate Change Policy & Practice, SIDS Policy & Practice, Biodiversity Policy & Practice, and Sustainable Development Policy & Practice.

As with the first 162 issues produced over the last nine years, Linkages Update continues to bring you key information about recent sustainable development policy events and publications. However, it now links to posts on our knowledgebases, which will not only connect you to the story you wanted to read, but also provide you with quick access to additional, searchable information related to the subject area of that story. This new format moves the information for this publication from the flat, unsearchable webpage format (which was advanced when we started using it years ago), to a searchable format that should make the information more useful for our readers.

Published every two weeks, Linkages Update highlights events that IISD Reporting Services has recently reported from, along with key additions to our knowledgebases, bringing our readers an overview of what has happened in the sustainable development policy arena during the past fortnight.

For more frequent updates on additions to our knowledgebases and information focused on specific issue areas, we produce:

These publications are produced on a daily (Climate Change Daily Feed) to weekly (SIDS Update) schedule, and identify all of the stories that have been added to the knowledgebase since the last update. To receive these publications in your email inbox, sign up to IISD RS' corresponding community listserve:

You can find links to the listserves and another feature of our knowledgebases – iCals that automatically download to your electronic calendar – on our knowledgebases.

These knowledgebases, and the publications that we produce from them, join our flagship publication Earth Negotiations Bulletin, our for-hire reporting service Your Meeting Bulletin, and our fortnightly reports on recent activities of key multilateral environmental agreement Secretariats in MEA Bulletin, to track the latest news in sustainable development policy and to bring it to your inbox.

Each of our knowledgebases and the new Linkages Update format now include links in the lefthand column to all of the knowledgebases and our Earth Negotiations Bulletin and Your Meeting Bulletin reports. We hope you will access these resources soon, and let us know if you have any suggestions for articles to include in them.