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Editor's Note: The Interface between Knowledge, Policy and Practice 

Issue #198 | 9 November 2012

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By: Lynn Wagner, Ph.D., Group Director, SDG Knowledge, IISD <>

Knowledge management. Knowledge transfer. Knowledge translation. Knowledge exchange. Knowledge brokering. Knowledge mobilization.

A concept paper highlighted in our newest project – Water Policy & Practice – defines and highlights aspects of all of these concepts. The paper, by UN University (UNU) Institute for Water, Environment and Health (INWEH), follows from the “K*” conference in which K* is defined as the interface between knowledge, policy and practice. “Expanding Our Understanding of K* (KT, KE, KTT, KMb, KB, KM, etc.)” highlights the value of sharing experience across sectors, geographies and scales, and highlights the value of K* frameworks to accelerating and scaling up outcomes through knowledge mobilization.

Our growing suite of knowledge management projects provides a key case study of the type of activities examined in this paper. IISD Reporting Services' eight online knowledgebases offer users information on international activities related to climate change, biodiversity, small island developing States, sustainable development, sustainable energy, water, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Africa. Before the end of 2012, we will add knowledgebases on land, forests, chemicals and wastes, and Asia.

Each site brings together news about key meetings, projects and publications related to the topic. Search features help the user to find information across geographies and scales. We are working behind the scenes to add in additional search options, to permit searching across knowledgebases, translation options, and other features that will further the sharing of experience across sectors, geographies and scales. We encourage you to examine the new sites as they are announced and to send us feedback on how they have helped you to navigate the interface between knowledge, policy and practice.