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Editor's Note: New Partnerships 

Issue #212 | 8 August 2013

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By: Lynn Wagner, Ph.D., Group Director, SDG Knowledge, IISD <>

IISD Reporting Services is pleased to announce two new partnerships for our knowledge management projects.

We are pleased to announce that the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) will be providing partial support for our knowledge management work on sustainable energy and biodiversity during the coming two years. And the Project on Sustainability Transformation beyond 2015 (known as POST 2015), funded by the Japanese Ministry of Environment, will be providing support for our work to track the emerging post-2015 development agenda.

These partnerships recognize that representation and participation in decision making require access to information about the issues under discussion as well as knowledge regarding the process and context in which decisions are to be made, and that IISD Reporting Services' work seeks to increase the transparency and accountability of intergovernmental sustainable development decision making. Our flagship publication – Earth Negotiations Bulletin – has assisted negotiators and representatives from governmental and nongovernmental organizations to follow multilateral environmental treaty negotiations. Our knowledge management projects complement this work, by enhancing the transparency and accountability of intergovernmental organizations' work in implementing decisions that are taken at the international level. In addition, as part of our partnership with the POST 2015 project, we look forward to contributing to this project's efforts to promote trans-disciplinary research, among other objectives. As with many new endeavors, these new arrangements have led us to view our work, audience and measures of effectiveness in different ways, and we look forward to the paths that these and our existing partnerships will lead us.