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Editor's Note: Shaping the 2015 Outcome(s) 

Issue #235 | 26 February 2015

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By: Lynn Wagner, Ph.D., Group Director, SDG Knowledge, IISD <>

Many of the events discussed in this issue of Linkages Update helped identify the broad outlines of the possible outcomes from key events in 2015.

Of particular note in this regard was the Geneva Climate Change Conference. Delegates at that meeting fulfilled their objective of developing a draft negotiating text. As our Earth Negotiations Bulletin coverage of that meeting indicates, “Co-Chair Reifsnyder stressed that the main objective was to ensure that the text fully reflects parties' positions.” Similarly, the second session of the post-2015 development agenda negotiations concluded with a document that reflects the broad outlines of UN Member States' preferences on the Declaration of the new agenda, and “will assist in creating the zero draft of the Summit outcome,” according to the Co-Facilitators of that process.

Now that these “initial positions” within both processes have been shared, delegates' work will intensify. They must take what they learned about other governments' preferences back to their capitals, where they will assess them against their own government's preferred outcome.

The multiple processes going on in 2015 could increase the chances of an agreement in many of the processes, if issue linkages across issues can be identified. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and UN General Assembly President Sam Kutesa recently highlighted the linkages between the climate and post-2015 development agenda negotiations, and drew attention to further linkages with the financing for development and disaster risk reduction meetings, both of which will conclude prior to the September Summit on the post-2015 development agenda and the December Paris Climate Change Conference. Delegates will no doubt consider the opportunities to develop linkages among all of these processes, while balancing the importance of building momentum and maintaining trust among UN Member States.

Our teams at all of the processes noted above will be working to help you learn how delegates will bring the broad outlines of each of these agreements into sharper focus, and craft the agenda for the post-2015 era.