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Issue #251 | 25 April 2016

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Editor's Note
Measuring Baselines
The stories in this issue of Linkages Update can be measured against a variety of baselines. More.
Lynn Wagner, Ph.D., Group Director, SDG Knowledge, IISD

Recent Guest Articles
Small States, Big Impact: SDG Fund Launches New Programs in Pacific Islands to Support Youth
The UN General Assembly's recent announcement of a new framework to establish the Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Partnership signals the beginning of a very timely collaboration. More.
Paloma Durán, Director, Sustainable Development Goals Fund

Policy Brief
Four Problems and an Implementation Pathway: Human Rights in the 2030 Agenda
This policy update outlines four concerns or “problems” in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development from the perspective of human rights defenders, and compares follow-up and review arrangements in the UN human rights system with those that are currently taking shape on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). More.
Delia Paul, Thematic Expert for Poverty Reduction, Rights and Governance (Malaysia/Australia)

Learning Dynamism: Understanding the Stockholm Convention on POPs
The Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) is considered an example of success among multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs). More.
Jennifer Allan, Thematic Expert for Climate Change and Sustainable Energy (Canada)

New Reports and Resources
Measuring Inclusive Green Growth at the Country Level

Habitat III Policy Paper 10 - Housing Policies

Interdependencies between Countries and Policy Areas: The Role of UNCTAD in the Follow-Up and Monitoring Process of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

FAO Yearbook of Forest Products 2014

Fairness for Children

VPAs for SDGs: How Voluntary Partnership Agreements Contribute to Global Development Goals

A Human Rights-Based Approach to Data: Leaving No One Behind in the 2030 Development Agenda

Addis Ababa Action Agenda: Monitoring Commitments and Actions

Farmers' Crop Varieties and Farmers' Rights

Africa's Blue Economy: A Policy Handbook

Mapping Multilateral Environmental Agreements to the Aichi Biodiversity Targets

Global Report on Urban Health: Equitable, Healthier Cities for Sustainable Development

2016 Global Food Policy Report: How We Feed the World is Unsustainable

Latest News
Paris Agreement on Climate Change Opens for Signature

22 April 2016: An estimated 175 world leaders marked Earth Day by adding their signature to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change on the first day that it was opened for signature. More.

Photo: Leonardo DiCaprio, Actor and UN Envoy on Climate Change, addressing the plenary

High-level Event Highlights Imperative of SDG Implementation

21 April 2016: The UN General Assembly (UNGA) held a High-level Thematic Debate on Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with high-level officials from approximately 136 UN Member States making statements on taking action at the country level, and interactive dialogues addressing ‘financing poverty eradication and sustainable development' and ‘technology and data for SDGs.' More.

Photo: View of the opening ceremony of the High-level Thematic Debate on Achieving the SDGs at the chamber of the UN General Assembly

IPCC Plans Special Reports on a 1.5°C Limit, Land Use and Oceans During AR6 Cycle

13 April 2016: During the 43rd session of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC-43), the Panel considered its role in supporting the implementation of the Paris Agreement as the IPCC embarks on its sixth assessment cycle. In planning for the cycle, the IPCC decided to undertake three special reports (SRs), flag cities as an SR for the seventh assessment report (AR7) cycle, refine the IPCC 2006 Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventories through a methodology report and integrate regional aspects more thoroughly into AR6. It was also announced that Abdalah Mokssit (Morroco) will be the next IPCC Secretary. More.

First PrepCom on BBNJ Makes Progress on Instrument under UNCLOS

11 April 2016: The first session of the Preparatory Committee (PrepCom 1) on the elements of a draft text of an international legally binding instrument under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) on the conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction (BBNJ) agreed on a number of procedural and substantial issues. The meeting marked the beginning of discussions on a formal process that is expected to lead to the adoption of a new UNCLOS implementing agreement on deep-sea biodiversity. More.

OEWG 37 Discusses Challenges for HFC Amendment

8April 2016: The 37th meeting of the Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG 37) of the parties to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer discussed challenges involved with adopting a Protocol amendment regarding hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). The Group reached agreement on compromise draft text for a formal exemption for high-ambient temperature (HAT) countries, and a linked deferral procedure, but suspended the session without completion of other matters, including on financing. More.

International Agricultural Research Community Takes Action to Align Research with SDG Implementation

8 April 2016: The 3rd Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD3) adopted an outcome statement to guide the work of partners and stakeholders on agricultural research and food systems and to align research activities with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as the priorities of countries. More.

Other News
Sustainable Development
High-Level Officials Discuss SCP for Achieving the SDGs

African Environment Ministers Table Regional Priorities Ahead of UNEA-2

UN Secretariat Identifies Financial Requirements for 2030 Agenda, AAAA Implementation

Member States Discuss Repositioning UN Development System for SDGs

WHO Europe Releases Health Information Gateway

Co-Facilitators Issue Draft Resolution on Modalities for HLM on Migrants, Refugees

Kenya, US Appointed Co-Chairs of STI Forum

Peacebuilding Review Addresses Links with Development Pillar

Public Spaces, Informal Settlements Discussed ahead of Habitat III

UN Governance Discussed in Study, Dialogue on 2030 Agenda Implementation

Experts Call for Aligning Development Cooperation with 2030 Agenda

LAC Countries Commence Third Meeting on Principle 10 Instrument

CSO Contributions Highlight Forestry in SDGs, Poverty-Inequality Linkages, Governance

ECOSOC Forum Discusses Partnerships for SDGs

Experts Exchange Preliminary Views on 2030 Agenda Follow-up

Trade, Finance & Investment
MDBs Commit to Better Infrastructure Delivery at First Global Forum

Spring Meetings Address Humanitarian-Development Link

OECD DAC Reports Increased Development Aid, Spending on Refugees in 2015

Water, Oceans and Wetlands
UNEP, Italy and Partners Take Action to Protect Marine Resources and Support Achievement of SDG 14

SDG Implementation
FfD Forum Adopts Intergovernmental Conclusions

High-Level Officials Find Synergies in 2030 Agenda, Agenda 2063

Co-Facilitators Propose Elements for 2030 Agenda Follow-up

FfD Forum Continues with Discussion of AAAA Action Areas, Global Infrastructure Forum

Inaugural FfD Forum Begins with 2030 Agenda Challenges, Implementation, Follow-Up

World Bank, UNICEF Establish Alliance to Advance Early Childhood Development

Demographic Data, Analysis Key for Achieving SDGs, Says CPD 49

CSOs Call for Coherent SDG Implementation, National Advocacy

African Ministers Call for Integrated Monitoring of SDGs, Agenda 2063

IAEG-SDGs Takes Steps Towards Implementation of Indicators

Asia-Pacific Adopts Plan for Financing 2030 Agenda, GCF Offers Support

Colombia Updates Stakeholders on National Efforts to Implement the SDGs

g7+ Ministerial Commits to Joint Reporting on SDGs

Biodiversity and Wildlife
Fishackathon, FAO, WorldFish and Partners Address Challenges to Sustainable Fisheries

Latin American and Caribbean Ministers Prepare for CBD COP 13, Call for Biodiversity Mainstreaming

Ministerial Conference Adopts New Delhi Resolution on Tiger Conservation

Donors, Private Sector to Double Financial Support for Crop Genetic Resource Conservation

Forests, Desertification and Land Issues
FAO and Google Advance Data Access for Sustainable Land and Forest Management

World Bank Announces Five-Year Forest Action Plan

Climate and Atmosphere
Implementation Update: As Governments Prepare for Paris Agreement Signing Ceremony, Carbon Pricing in the Spotlight

China, India, Russia Reaffirm Commitment to SDGs, Climate Change

Organization of Islamic Cooperation Commits to Implementing SDGs, Welcomes Paris Agreement

Vulnerable Countries Urge Financial Responses to Climate Change Consistent with 1.5°C Limit

February-April 2016 NAMA Update: NAMAs Receive Growing Attention as Implementation Tools Post-Paris

ICAO's 2016 GLADs Collect Feedback on Proposed Global Market-Based Measure Scheme

Banks Pledge US$7 Billion for Clean Energy, World Bank Adopts Climate Change Action Plan

Adaptation and Loss and Damage Update: Adaptation Committee and LDC Expert Group Begin Work under Paris Mandate, Climate Change Adaptation, DRR and Sustainable Development Interlinkages Come to the Fore

Implementation Update: Momentum Builds Ahead of Paris Agreement Signing Ceremony

BASIC Countries Discuss Paris Agreement Implementation

LAC Environment Ministers Agree to Cooperate on Climate Change, SDGs, Chemicals

Sustainable Energy
SE4All Highlights Investment Needs for SDG 7 Implementation

Renewable Energy Outlook: Share of Renewables Hits Record High in 2015, a Trend that Could Save Trillions

Sustainable Energy Finance Update: Majority of 2015 Renewables Investment Went to Developing Countries

Chemicals Management
Pacific POPs Release Reduction Project Takes Stock at Mid-Term

UNEP Special Programme Calls for Proposals on Chemicals and Waste

Key meetings in the next two weeks
UNFF AHEG1: 25-27 April 2016. New York City, US

Habitat III Open-ended Informal Consultative Meetings: 25-29 April 2016. New York City, US

CBD 20th Meeting of SBSTTA and First Meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Implementation: 25 April - 6 May 2016. Montreal, Quebec, Canada

First Meeting of the Signatories to the Memorandum of Understanding on the Conservation of the High Andean Flamingos and their Habitats: 26-28 April 2016. Cusco, Peru

Third Meeting of the CFS OEWG on SDGs: 27 April 2016. Rome, Lazio, Italy

Second Informal Consultation with Member States and MGOS on Follow-up and Review of the 2030 Agenda: 28 April 2016. New York City, US

Third Meeting of the CFS OEWG on Nutrition: 29 April 2016. Rome, Lazio, Italy

IISD Reporting Services is covering the Habitat III Open-Ended Informal Consultative Meetings,
from 25 to 29 April 2016, from UN Headquarters in New York

Habitat III

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