ONGOING AND UPCOMING MEETINGS COVERED BY IISD                                                       LINKAGES UPDATE

 Expert Meeting on Sustainable Consumption & Production: 5-8 September, San José, Costa Rica
 CBD Working Group on Review of Implementation: 5-9 September, Montreal, Canada
 IGM on Great Apes & First GRASP Council Meeting: 5-9 September, Kinshasa, DR Congo
 UNIDO Seminar on Kyoto Protocol – EU ETS linkages: 15-16 September, Vienna, Austria


New York, USA
Development and poverty goals are in danger of being sidelined by other issues
at the upcoming Millennium Summit review in September, according to non-governmental organizations. Meanwhile, serious differences have been reported on the Summit's draft outcome document, with the U.S. apparently pushing for major revisions in recent days. Full story.

Geneva, Switzerland
The latest series of negotiations at the World Trade Organization have ended without any major breakthrough. Full story.


UN General Assembly President Jean Ping (Gabon)

Ilulissat, Greenland
Informal talks have been held in Greenland to discuss policy differences among key countries on climate change. The confidential discussions were attended by representatives of nearly two dozen nations, including China, India, Japan, the United States, and members of the European Union. The talks were held just weeks after a new six-country pact to combat climate change through technology-based solutions was announced. The new deal involves Australia, China, India, Japan, South Korea and the United States. Full story.

Sustainable Development
  Youth and children’s summits highlight energy and water issues, millennium goals

  Economic and Social Council concludes 2005 session

  U.N. Global Compact participants report progress

2005 Review
  Non-governmental organizations launch Summit website


Climate and Atmosphere
  New U.S. energy law passed
  Canada joins methane initiative

  Updated cement emissions protocol announced

  UK emissions rise - again
  New Zealand announces climate policy review
  Amazon’s carbon sink capacity questioned
  Climate change strengthening hurricanes – study
  UNIDO launches francophone CDM project


Forests, Desertification and Land Issues
  FAO highlights local role in preventing, controlling forest fires

Human Development
  UN celebrates International Day of the World’s Indigenous People

  Intercultural dialogue needed to fight hunger, environmental degradation, says FAO


Biodiversity and Wildlife
  Concerns raised as European Commission authorizes GM maize mon 863 as animal feed

  International treaty contact group considers material transfer agreement

  Working group on indigenous populations addresses traditional knowledge

  Space shuttle reveals vast environmental damage

  India proposes amending TRIPS agreement to protect biodiversity

  FAO urges systematic assessment of GM trees

  African Union establishes panel on biotechnology


Chemicals Management
  European Parliament votes to ban phthalates use in toys


Water, Wetlands, Oceans, Coasts
  Middle East prepares for World Water Forum

  Interagency group focuses on water statistics

  European Protocol on water and health enters into force

Trade, Finance and Investment in Sustainable Development
  Development issues vex WIPO members

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Sustainable Development
  Measuring Policy Coherence among the MEAs
  Influencing Power: Reviewing the Conduct and Content of Corporate Lobbying

  McGill International Journal of Sustainable Development Law and Policy

  Capacity Building for Local NGOs: A Guidance Manual for Good Practice

  Technology Transfer Quick Guide


Chemicals Management
  The Egg Report: Contamination of Chicken Eggs from 17 Countries by Dioxins, PCBs And Hexachlorobenzene

  New video on persistent organic pollutants: “Protecting Children”


Water, Wetlands, Oceans, Coasts
  World Business Council Launches E-Newsletter on Water Project


Biodiversity and Wildlife

  The Impact of Trade Liberalization on Agricultural Biological Diversity: Domestic Support Measures and their Effects on Agricultural Biological Diversity

  Special issue of The Seedling Magazine on seed law

  Biotechnology Applications in Food Processing: Can Developing Countries Benefit?

  Depend on Nature: Ecosystem Services Supporting Human Livelihoods

  International Discussions on Agricultural Biodiversity – An Introduction to Key Concepts

  World Atlas on Great Apes and Their Conservation


Trade, Finance and Investment in Sustainable Development

  Environmental Health and International Trade

Climate and Atmosphere
  CDM Gold Standard launches online registry

  The CDM Guide

  Regional renewable energy website launched

  Climate Change Budget Tracking and Analysis Project website

  Fluctuations of Glaciers


Forests, Deserts, Land
  How the ITTO Addresses Illegal Logging

  EU FLEGT Initiative: Assessment of ‘Additional Measures’ to Exclude Illegal Timber from EU Markets

  The Global Impacts of Smartwood Certification

  Balancing Ecosystem Values: Innovative Experiments For Sustainable Forestry

  UNECE/FAO Forest Products Annual Market Review, 2004-2005



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  Workshop on forest ecosystems and greenhouse gases: 25-28 August, Savonlinna, Finland

  Eighth International River Symposium: 2-11 September, Brisbane, Australia

  River Basin Management Conference 2005: 6-8 September, Bologna, Italy

  Expert Meeting on Sustainable Consumption & Production: 5-8 September, San Jos�, Costa Rica

  CBD Working Group on Review of Implementation: 5-9 September, Montreal, Canada

  IGM on Great Apes & First GRASP Council Meeting: 5-9 September, Kinshasa, DR Congo

  Helsinki Conference 2005: 7-9 September, Helsinki, Finland

  58th Annual DPI/NGO Conference: 7-9 September, UNHQ, New York

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