LINKAGES UPDATE - an e-update of international environment and sustainable development news - 15 June 2006



 ITPGR (Plant Genetic Resources) Governing Body: 12-16 June 2006, Madrid, Spain
 UNICPOLOS-7/ICP (Law of the Sea): 12-16 June 2006, UN headquarters, New York
 World Urban Forum III: 19-23 June 2006, Vancouver, Canada

Bakary Kante, Director of UNEP’s Division of Environmental Conventions


31 May to 2 June 2006 | Geneva, Switzerland
A second High-Level Meeting on Compliance with and Enforcement of Multilateral Environmental Agreements has been held. UNEP’s Division of Environmental Conventions organized the event in an effort to build on a process started at a previous meeting in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Geneva meeting considered the technical aspects of compliance and enforcement and identified potential legal, structural and institutional innovations that could enhance MEA implementation. A Chair’s Summary from the meeting will form the basis for an action plan that is likely to be considered by UNEP’s Governing Council in 2007. Full story.

22-26 May 2006 | UN headquarters, New York
A meeting to review a UN agreement on straddling and migratory fish stocks has been held in New York. The Review Conference of the Agreement for the Implementation of the Provisions of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea relating to the Conservation and Management of Straddling Fish Stocks and Highly Migratory Fish Stocks concluded with a commitment to integrate ecosystem considerations in fisheries management and to develop a legally binding instrument on minimum standards for port State measures and a comprehensive global register of fishing vessels. Full story.
22-26 May 2006 | Brazzaville, Republic of Congo
The 11th regular session of the African Ministerial Conference on the Environment (AMCEN) has been held, with ministers discussing issues such as the financing of environment programmes at the country level, AMCEN’s work programme, and linkages between AMCEN and the African Union Commission. Full story.

David Balton of the US was elected President of the fish stocks review conference

Trade, Finance and Investment in Sustainable Development
  GEF appoints new CEO, makes progress on replenishment
  Conference on development economics focuses on infrastructure for development
  EBRD invests in energy initiative

Newly-elected GEF CEO Monique Barbut

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UNEP announces vacancies for executive director’s assistant, other positions

UN climate secretariat seeks coordinator, HR chief

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IUCN-The World Conservation Union is a global conservation network that brings together over 80 states, 100 government agencies, and 800
non-governmental organizations to work on issues ranging from avian flu to illegal logging.

Sustainable Development
  Energy and Gender Issues in Rural Sustainable Development
  Agriculture and Achieving the Millennium Development Goals

Chemicals Management
  Stockholm Convention COP-2 Report; Updated List of Country NIPs

  Rotterdam Convention’s Harmonized System Codes
  SAICM newsletter
  Nanomaterials, Sunscreens and Cosmetics: Small Ingredients, Big Risks
  IFCS Web Based Resource Guide
  Polluted Children, Toxic Nation
  Cloudy Skies, Chance of Sun: A Forecast for U.S. Reform of Chemicals Policy
  UNECE documents for GHS meeting

Intergovernmental Organizations
  Manual on Compliance with and Enforcement of Multilateral Environmental Agreements
  UN Reform: Implications for the Environment Pillar

Water, Wetlands, Oceans, Coasts
  GPA Outreach
  Report of the Independent Panel on the ADB's Water for all Policy
  Water for Food - Water for Profit
  Report from Fourth World Water Forum Session on the Inclusion of IWRM in National Plans
  Meeting the Commitments on Oceans, Coasts, and Small Island Developing States Made at the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development: How Well Are We Doing?
  Follow the Leader: Learning from Experience and Best Practice in Regional Fisheries Management Organizations

Climate and Atmosphere
  What is Next after the Kyoto Protocol? Assessment of Options for International Climate Policy Post 2012
  Business Views on International Climate and Energy Policy: Summary and Key Observations

Biodiversity and Wildlife
  Report of the Third Meeting of the Parties to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety
  DNA Banks - Providing Novel Options for Genebanks?

Forests, Desertification and Land Issues
  Global Deserts Outlook

  Desert Science Dossier
  Demand-Side Options: Policies and Measures for Reducing Imports of Illegal Timber and Timber Products to Consumer Countries
  Status of Tropical Forest Management 2005
  Annual Review and Assessment of the World Timber Situation
  Justice in the Forest: Rural Livelihoods and Forest Law Enforcement

Human Development
  Gender and Social Policy in a Global Context: Uncovering the Gendered Structure of �The Social�
  Gender and Desertification: Expanding Roles for Women to Restore Drylands
  Women's Empowerment: An Annotated Bibliography
  A Sight for Sore Eyes: Bringing a Gender Vision to the Responsibility to Protect Framework

Trade, Finance and Investment in Sustainable Development
  World Development Indicators 2006

  Tracking the Trend towards Market Concentration: The Case of the Agricultural Input Industry

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