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Happy New Year and welcome to our sixth year of publishing Linkages Update. 2007 promises to be a busy year for those following international sustainable development policy. From its designation as Year of the Dolphin, International Polar Year and possibly the Year of Science and Technology in Africa to the focus on energy in the UN Commission on Sustainable Development and post-2012 climate change commitments under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and its Kyoto Protocol, … article continues

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Coming and Goings


Canadian PM names new Environment Minister
UNEP names four Directors

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IUCN seeks a senior policy officer
World Bank seeks senior irrigation water economist
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New Reports and Resources

UNEP Major Groups Directory

Scaling Up Marine Management: The Role of Marine Protected Areas

The Ramsar Convention Manual: A Guide to the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar, Iran, 1971), 4th Edition

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Handbook
Scientific Facts on Desertification
Linking Trade, Climate Change and Energy
Implications of IPR Rules for Sustainable Development
Energizing Poverty Reduction: A Review of the Energy-Poverty Nexus in Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers
The World Migration Map Data Tool
Equity and Social Indicators: Monitoring the Millennium Development Goals
The World Distribution of Household Wealth
Fishing Capacity Management in the EU Post 2002 Common Fisheries Policy Reform
2006 Top News on the Environment in Asia
Making Progress on Environmental Sustainability: Lessons and Recommendations from a Review of Over 150 MDG Country Experiences

Fair Trade Timber: A Review of Current Practice, Institutional Structures and Possible Ways Forward

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Latest News - 12 January 2007



Algiers, 20 December 2006—A Joint International Conference on “Desertification and the International Policy Imperative,” organized under the framework of the 2006 International Year of Deserts and Desertification (IYDD), built on outcomes from other IYDD events to consider policies needed for successful dryland management. Two signing ceremonies were organized at the conclusion of the 17-19 December 2006 conference in Algiers, Algeria. In the first, high-level representatives endorsed a proposal initiated by Algeria and Arab ministers requesting that 2010-2020 be named as a decade of deserts and desertification at the next session of the UN General Assembly. The second ceremony, signed by six partner research institutes, reflected their commitment to support an international master’s degree programme for drylands at the United Nations University. More.

Photo: During the closing of the conference, six partner research institutes affirmed their commitment in a signing ceremony to support the international master’s degree program for drylands at United Nations University (UNU).  


Haikou, 17 December 2006The East Asian Seas (EAS) Congress 2006 culminated in the signing of the Haikou Partnership Agreement on the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Strategy for the Seas of East Asia and Operating Arrangements by 11 ministers and high-level officials from countries in the East Asian region. The Congress convened from 12-16 December 2006 in Haikou City, People’s Republic of China, hosted by the Chinese Government and organized by the Partnerships in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia (PEMSEA). Partnership Operating Arrangements were also signed by 12 PEMSEA stakeholder partners during the EAS Partnership Council meeting, transforming PEMSEA into a fully-fledged regional partnership. More.

Photo: During the signing of the Haikou Partnership Agreement, Ministers also signed a world globe which was presented to Chua Thia-Eng, Regional Programme Director, PEMSEA.

Other News
Sustainable Development

Carpathian Mountain Convention sets up network of protected areas, tourist circuit

First dialogue held between African stakeholders and the UNSGAB

CSD releases revised set of indicators for sustainable development

More Sustainable Development News

Forests, Desertification and Land Issues
UNFF-7 provisional agenda, report of experts meeting now available
Paraguay extends zero deforestation law
More Forests/Deserts News

Water, Wetlands, Oceans
EU fisheries ministers set 2007 fishing quotas for European fleets
Pollution prevention Convention for ships amended
New European directive for cleaner groundwater
Greenland raises hunting quotas for narwhales
Ramsar and Carpathian Conventions sign MOC
More Water News
Climate and Atmosphere
High-level group to work on “Post-Kyoto” deal
EU proposes 20% emissions cuts by 2020 as carbon price falls
2007 to be warmest on record; 2006 comes in sixth
ExxonMobil accused of anti-warming campaign
Study suggests Antarctic ozone depletion exceeds Arctic ozone depletion

European cheese-makers protest lack of access to ozone-depleting pesticide

More Climate/Ozone News

Trade, Finance and Investment
UNCTAD addresses predicaments of small commodity producers
More Trade News

Human Development
UN conference discusses Asia’s declining fertility patterns
Lessons from 2004 tsunami recovery effort must be passed on – UN report
More Development News
Biodiversity and Wildlife
ASCOBANS MOP elects to merge with CMS Secretariat
Codex to work on accidental presence of GMOs
WIPO committee establishes process to discuss traditional knowledge protection
Working group addresses report on animal genetic resources
CITES authorizes export quotas for caviar
More Biodiversity News

Intergovernmental Organizations
UNGA adopts development-related resolutions
UNGA consultations on environmental governance resume
More IGO News

Chemicals Management
Legal work begins on Probo Koala case
US considering creating national mercury stockpile
More Chemicals News
Key Meetings in the next two weeks
First Meeting of the Parties to the Protocol on Water and Health: 17-19 January 2007, Geneva, Switzerland

Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2007: 22-24 January 2007, New Delhi, India

Joint Meeting of Regional Tuna Fisheries Management Organizations: 22-26 January 2007, Kobe, Japan

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