Thursday, 7 June 2007

This week, climate change has once again claimed center stage, with World Environment Day on Tuesday focusing on “Melting Ice – A Hot Topic?” and the G8 summit’s pre-meeting posturing and focus on commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the post-2012 period.

We enjoy following these debates and bringing you the latest developments, as they relate to the multilateral environmental agreements that we follow. We also strive to cast our net wide enough to bring you information about the many arenas in which dialogue and action to address climate change are taking place. Our recent coverage of the first international congress of the International Hydropower Association describes discussions among private sector, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders on advancing sustainable hydropower. Stories in this issue also present information on recent meetings of the Organization of American States and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, whose deliberations and decisions can feed into climate change efforts. International Biodiversity Day focused on the connections between climate change and biodiversity. From our view of events, the levels of actors and linkages on this issue seem to multiply by the fortnight. This issue offers an overview of these developments for the last two weeks.

Lynn Wagner, Ph.D.
Editor, Linkages Update
and MEA Bulletin
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