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Coming and Goings
Officer in Charge named for GPA
Head of UNEP Chemicals appointed
Dominique Strauss-Kahn appointed IMF Managing Director
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UNEP seeks a senior programme officer for the UNDP-UNEP Poverty-Environment Initiative in Asia & Pacific
UNEP seeks Deputy Director, Division of Environmental Policy Implementation
FAO seeks officer for forest products trade and marketing
IDB seeks clean energy specialists
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New Reports and Resources
Negotiating and Implementing MEAs: A Manual for NGOs
The Macroeconomic Implications of MDG-Based Strategies in Sub-Saharan Africa
Report of the International Law Commission
Chemicals Management: The Why and How of Mainstreaming Gender in Chemicals Management
Conceptual Overview: Gender Mainstreaming: A Key Driver of Development in Environment and Energy
More Rice with Less Water – System of Rice Intensification
Accessing and Sharing the Benefits of the Genomics Revolution
The Gap between Indigenous Peoples’ Demands and WIPO’s Framework on Traditional Knowledge
Mother Earth: Women and Sustainable Land Management
World Data Center (WDC) for Human Interactions in the Environment
Climate Change and Tourism: Responding to Global Challenges
Report of the Secretary General on Women and Peace and Security
Bridges Trade Biores Review
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Latest News - Thursday, 11 October 2007

11 October—The Consultative Process towards an International Mechanism of Scientific Expertise on Biodiversity (IMoSEB) has recently convened two regional meetings: the Asian Regional Consultation (24-25 September 2007, Beijing, China) and the South American Regional Consultation (2-3 October 2007, Bariloche, Argentina). Participants at both meetings heard presentations, exchanged views and discussed various options for a possible IMoSEB, its structure and governance, and issues relevant to their regions, in the context of the science-policy interface.s and develop recommendations in adaptation planning and practice. IISD RS coverage of the Beijing meeting & IISD RS coverage of the Bariloche meeting.
Left photo: The dais at the closing ceremony of the Beijing meeting (L-R): Anne Larigauderie; Keping Ma; Alfred Oteng-Yeboah; and Didier Babin. Right photo: Bariloche working groups convened in Plenary to discuss the structure of a possible IMoSEB, the specific needs of Latin America, and the role of the private sector, the media and indigenous communities.

Oslo, 6 October—A technical workshop on emissions from aviation and maritime transport, hosted by the Norwegian government, brought together more than 90 participants, representing government, business, academia, and UN agencies, in Oslo, Norway, from 4-5 October 2007. The main aim of the workshop was to discuss technical and other barriers related to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from aviation and maritime transport. Conclusions included the assessment that accurate data is available in both sectors, however, institutional and resource-based barriers exist to the monitoring and reporting of GHG emissions from international shipping, and policy measures are needed to implement technical requirements in the aviation sector. More.
Photo: L-R: Sara Aagesen, Ministry of the Environment, Spain, and Manuel Estrada, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Mexico, co-chaired a session focusing on aviation emissions.

Kiev, 29 September—A seminar organized by the Climate Technology Initiative (CTI) and other organizations has considered the prospects for energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies in countries belonging to the Commonwealth of Independent States (formerly republics of the Soviet Union). Participants at the meeting, which took place from 27-28 September 2007, in Kiev, Ukraine, considered successful projects and potential projects being developed in the region. The seminar involved sessions on prospects for energy efficiency technologies and prospects for renewable energy technologies, as well as on innovative financing and on cooperation among key sectors. More.
Photo: Dais at the CTI seminar.
Other News
Sustainable Development
ECOSOC resumed session selects themes for 2008, 2009 AMR sessions
Meeting calls for more coherent approach to mountain development
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Trade, Finance and Investment
WTO Public Forum 2007 considers how the WTO can help harness globalization
China joins initiative to reduce the release of carbon dioxide
Seal hunting dispute likely to land at WTO
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Water, Oceans and Wetlands
Law of the Sea informal consultations held
MPA symposium addresses fisheries management
EC initiates infringement proceedings for non-respect of bluefin tuna rules
More Water News
Climate and Atmosphere
European politicians urge binding emissions targets, Bali success
US hosts meeting of major carbon emitters
Scientific symposium discusses Montreal Protocol impacts and implications
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Forests, Desertification and Land Issues
ECOSOC defers decision on UNFF 7 report, UNFF 8 Bureau Chair selected
Workshop addresses forest law compliance and governance
Forest loss increases flood frequency and duration -- study
More Forests News

Human Development
World Habitat Day highlights that a safe city is a just city
More Development News
Biodiversity and Wildlife
WIPO extends mandate for committee on genetic resources and traditional knowledge
Latin American Congress on Protected Areas addresses conservation, management and governance issues
Arctic seed vault takes shape
More Biodiversity News

Chemicals Management
Study finds long-term impact of oil spills on seagulls
Scientists call for lead paint ban
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Intergovernmental Organizations
Four Nations Initiative issues report on UN governance and management
UNWTO conference declaration calls on tourism sector to respond to climate change
Brazilian conference on IEG uncovers areas of convergence and discrepancy
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Key meetings in the next two weeks
UNECE/FAO Policy Forum: Opportunities and Impacts of Bioenergy Policies and Targets on the Forest and Other Sectors: 10 October 2007, Geneva, Switzerland
UNEP Civil Society Regional Consultation Meetings: 12-14 October 2007, Monterrey, Mexico; 21-23 October 2007, Cairo, Egypt
Fifth meting of the Ad Hoc Open-ended Working Group on Article 8(j) (Traditional Knowledge) and Related Provisions of the CBD: 15-19 October 2007, Montreal, Canada
International Conference on the Future of Forests in Asia and the Pacific: Outlook for 2020: 16-18 October 2007, Chiang Mai, Thailand
CMS Scientific Symposium, Whale-Watching Symposium and Meeting to Develop an Agreement and Action Plan for the Conservation and Management of Small Cetaceans in Tropical West Africa: 16-20 October 2007, Santiago del Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
Expert Group Meeting: Innovative Finance for Sustainable Development: 18-19 October 2007, New York, US
First Negotiation Meeting on a CMS Ngagi Gorilla Agreement: 22-24 October 2007, Paris, France
Third Meeting of the Parties to ACCOBAMS: 22-25 October 2007, Dubrovnik, Croatia
CMS Meeting to Identify and Elaborate on Options for International Cooperation on African-Eurasian Migratory Raptors: 22-25 October 2007, Loch Lomond, Scotland, UK
CSD Regional Implementation Meeting for Africa: 22-25 October 2007, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Fourth meeting of the Ad Hoc Open-Ended Working Group of Legal and Technical Experts on Liability and Redress: 22-26 October 2007, Montreal, Canada
High-Level Dialogue on Financing for Development: 23-24 October 2007, New York, US

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