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UNEP GPA 2nd Intergovernmental Review
of the Global Programme of Action for the Protection
of the Marine Environment from Land-Based Activities

Beijing | 16-20 October 2006
United Nations

Tuesday, 17 October
Partnership Workshops (Continued)

Increasing Public Awareness of the Global Oceans Agenda, Implementation of the Ocean Awareness and Stewardship Activities and Promotion of the Citizenship of the Ocean

Planning Instruments for Sustainable Tourism in Small Island Developing States (SIDS)

Seeking solutions to integrating stakeholders to achieve sustainable freshwater and coastal management at the local and national level in the wider Caribbean

National Implementation of the LBA Protocols in Partnership with the Regional Seas Conventions and Action Plans

The Challenge of Linking Freshwater and Coastal Management

The Oceans Library

White Water to Blue Water - a model for partnership building in the wider Caribbean and beyond

UNEP/GEF Strategic Partnership for the Mediterranean Large Marine Ecosystem: Implementation of agreed actions for the protection of the environmental resources of the Mediterranean Sea and its coastal areas

Marine Litter - a Global Challenge

Local Government Implementation of GPA: Partnerships in Integrated management of Coastal and Marine Areas

Establishing a London Convention/GPA/Regional Seas Partnership

China-Africa, China-Arabic Partnership for Environmental Cooperation

Cooperative environmental governance: Pacific SIDS partnerships on wastewater and recycling initiatives

Oceans Training: Synergies in Capacity-Building through Multi-Partner Collaboration

Demonstration of an integrated freshwater to oceans management approach for the Xiamen-Zhangzhou-Long Yan region of Fujian Province
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