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World Ocean Conference

Manado, Indonesia 11-15 May 2009

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Freddy Numberi, Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Indonesia

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Highlights for Wednesday, 13 May 2009

On Wednesday, 13 May 2009, the World Ocean Conference 2009 entered its third day in Manado, Indonesia. At the Grand Kawanua Centre, participants attended Global Ocean Policy Day, which included four panels on issues surrounding oceans and climate change adaptation, mitigation, and financing of related activities, and the future agenda for oceans and climate change. Meanwhile, at the Manado Convention Centre, participants gathered for the second day of the International Symposium on Ocean Science, Technology and Policy.

Participants waiting for the opening ceremony to begin

Gellwynn Jusuf, Ministry of Marine Affairs, Indonesia, highlighted the urgency of WOC2009

Biliana Cicin-Sain, Global Forum on Oceans, Coasts and Island opened Global Ocean Policy Day

Participants during the session

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Speakers from the Opening Ceremony applauded the proceedings

Freddy Numberi, Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Indonesia, considered the indispensable environmental and economic role of the oceans

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Angela Cropper, UNEP, introduced topics for consideration

Jaqueline Alder, UNEP, introduced the keynote presentations

Van Duc Nguyen, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Viet Nam spoke about climate change impacts and adaptation

Ambassador Dessima Williams, Permanent Representative of Grenada to the UN and Chair, AOSIS, presented on the perspectives of SIDS in climate change

Participants listened to various presentations

L-R: Angela Cropper, UNEP, Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, University of Queensland, Australia, Patricio Bernal, UNESCO, Tony Haymet, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, US, Roberto Calcagno, Oceanographic Institute Prince Albert Ier, Monaco, Bernard Giraud, Danone Group, France, Christophe Lefebvre, IUCN, Jeff Price, WWF, US, Duncan Currie, Greenpeace International, New Zealand

The Grand Kawanua Novotel Convention Centre

Military police

L-R: Mary Glackin, NOAA, US; Laurent Stefanini, France and Raphael Lotilla, PEMSEA, Philippines

Nicole Glineur, GEF; Thabit Zahran Al Abdessaalaam, UAE and Poh Poh Wong, National University of Singapore

Camera crews waited for the President of Indonesia to arrive


The limousine of the President of Indonesia

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, President of Indonesia, signed a commemorative plaque

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, President of Indonesia planted a tree while the media watched

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