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32nd Session of the UN Commission on Population and Development
22-31 March, 1999

ICPD +5 Preparatory Meeting
24-31 March, 1999


BRIEFING for Tuesday, 30 March

Delegates at the ICPD+5 PrepCom met in the Working Group all day and night on Tuesday to negotiate the proposals for key actions for further implementation of the POA. They were able to complete negotiations on the chapter on population and development concerns, leaving the remaining four chapters for negotiation on the final day of the PrepCom.

Today, Wednesday, the Working Group will convene at 10:00 am to resume negotiations on the Chair's revised text, beginning with the section on gender equality, equity and empowerment of women. It is expected that they will work until at least 9:00 pm to complete negotiations. The closing Plenary will convene when the Working Group completes negotiations on the proposals for key actions for further POA implementation.

Photo highlights

The Working Group met throughout the day to negotiate text contained in the Revised Working Paper submitted by the Chairman on proposals for action for further POA implementation
Working Group Chair Anwarul Chowdhury
Chair Chowdhury and discuss options for the the G77/China to have consultations before the Working Group can continue its work
June Persaud, Guyana and Chair of the G77/China (left), and the G77/China consulting among themselves. On protecting the dignity and human rights of migrants, refugees and displaced persons, the G77/China said migrants rights should be protected irrespective of their legal status

John Klink, the Holy See

The HOLY SEE proposal to provide basic social services to refugees in the text was included in brackets.

Margaret Pollack, Director, Office of Population, Department of State, United States

On including education, income-generating opportunities and vocational training in to meet young peoples' needs, the US proposed adding "health services, including sexual and reproductive health," but the text was bracketed when the G77/China and others objected.

Klaus-Henning Rosen, the European Union

On targeting poverty, the EU added a subparagraph on strengthening health care systems focused on poor people.

In the morning, delegates peruse and consult on the Chairman's revised working paper
Scenes of the Working Group floor

The Women's Coalition for ICPD, a coalition of 72 NGOs, and the Youth Coalition on ICPD+5, representing the Hague Youth Forum of 132 NGOs and 111 countries, protested to express their outrage that the PrepCom negotiations for ICPD+5 have failed to carry out their purpose of evaluating progress and obstacles in ICPD implementation and defining priorities for the next five years..

Those protesting said that the draft document does not take into account new developments, good practices and unforeseen obstacles which should have been acknowledged in this review. They said repeating the Programme of Action is insufficient and provides no guidance for further action. The NGOs platform includes 10 key future actions for ICPD implementation including reaffirming sexual and reproductive rights as an integral part of human rights, distributing emergency contraception and educate health professionals about its existence and ensuring adequate funding of public health and other social programs. For more information, contact HERA (Health, Empowerment, Rights and Accountability),


The protesters lined up outside the conference room, but were asked to disperse for security reasons
Youth delegates rehearse a song they hope to perform as an alternative method of conveying their message which includes specific suggested amendments to the Revised Working Paper

Workshop addressing Actions, Ideas, Stories, Faces and Facts to mark the Day of 6 Billion, October 12, 1999, was cosponsored by UNFPA, World Population Foundation and Communications Consortium

In the workshop, participants discussed ideas and actions for working with the media, politicians, the business community, women's groups, environmentalists, youth, educators and religious groups. Noting that media interest is already high, workshop leaders urged activists to use the day and the months leading up to the historic day when the world's population will reach 6 billion to educate the public and influence politicians. They said the occasion should invite reflection, taking stock, contemplation and discussion about the quality of our lives now and in the future. For more information, contact Kathy Bonk,

An exhibit outside the conference room to mark the Day of 6 Billion

Kathy Bonk, Communications Consortium (left), and Alex Marshall, UNFPA (right)


Joke van Kampen, World Population Fund (right) and workshop participants (below)


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