18-26  Nov. 2002
The Eighth Conference of the Contracting Parties to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands 
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Andrea Athanas, Shell/IUCN

Delegates met in the morning in Plenary to discuss draft resolutions, and in Technical Sessions on baselines for sustainable use and on global biodiversity and the sustenance of human life. Committees on Finance, Credentials, and the Strategic Plan and Work Plan convened, and contact groups met to discuss agriculture and mangroves. In the evening, regional meetings took place to finalize recommendations to the COP on nominations for the Standing Committee.

The morning Technical Session on baselines for sustainable use: wetland inventory and assessment, began with panel presentations by invited experts, followed by discussions on related draft COP8 resolutions in four regionally-based groups.

Nadra Nathan-Gyan,
Technical Session 2 Chair

Listen to Andrea Athanas, Shell/IUCN, present the draft resolution on the CBD Guidelines for incorporating biodiversity-related issues into Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) legislation.

Listen to David Pritchard, Birdlife International (first on the right) discuss assessing and reporting the status and trends of wetlands.

Listen to Max Finlayson, President of Wetlands International (far right) talk about on improving tools for identifying wetland assets.


At midday there was a protest carried out by labourers from the province of Cataluña. Protesters, mostly elderly, blew whistles and horns, carried banners and shouted.


Panel Presentations:

-Listen to David Stroud
Joint Nature Conservation Committee, UK
-Listen to Douglas Taylor, Wetlands International
-Listen to Alex de Sherbinin, Center for International Earth Science Information Network
-Listen to Paul Mafabi Gumonye, Standing Committee Vice-Chair (Uganda)


The afternoon Technical Session on global biodiversity and sustenance of human life: the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance, began with panel presentations by invited experts, and continued with regionally-based discussions. The Session was chaired by Louise Lakos (Hungary).

Louise Lakos, Chair

David Stroud

Paul Mafabi Gumonye

Douglas Taylor

Alex de Sherbinin
Links to further information:

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*ENB Linkages site of COP-7 (photos and audio)

*RAMSAR COP 8 Homepage: http://www.ramsar.org/index_cop8.htm


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