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Intergovernmental consultation on strengthening the scientific base of the United Nations Environment Programme

Nairobi, Kenya | 14 - 15 January, 2004

Summary Report
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15 January 2004
| Delegates to the intergovernmental consultation on strengthening the scientific base of UNEP continued their discussions in Plenary, addressing the question of what options exist with respect to meeting any unfulfilled needs that fall within the role and mandate of UNEP. The Friends of the Chair met in the afternoon to conclude the drafting of conclusions and recommendations. In the afternoon, delegates met for the final Plenary to adopt the conclusions and recommendations.

Delegates from Italy, Japan and Kazakhstan.

Bahrom Mamadaliev (Tajikistan).

Hemansing Prayag (Mauritius).


Ireland, on behalf of the EU, proposes an expert review of the proposal for establishing an intergovernmental panel.

Chair Van Gool (The Netherlands).

Delegates from Norway considering the draft conclusions.


UNEP Executive Director Klaus Töpfer hosted a luncheon for Ministers and Heads of Delegations on the sunny rooftop of the Gigiri complex.

Bedřich Moldan and Petr Kopřiva (Czech Republic).

UNEP Executive Director Klaus Töpfer welcoming delegates to the barbeque lunch.


Delegates enjoying drinks and discussion before the luncheon.

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