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UN Environment Programme: High-level Open-ended Intergovernmental Working Group on an Intergovernmental Strategic Plan for Technology Support and Capacity-building
First session

New York | 25 June, 2004

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The first meeting of UNEP�s High-Level Open-ended Intergovernmental Working Group on an Intergovernmental Strategic Plan for Technology Support and Capacity Building takes place on 25 June 2004 at UN Headquarters in New York. Capacity building and technology support have long been pivotal issues in environment and sustainable development discussions even prior to the adoption of Agenda 21 at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992. The issue was addressed in Agenda 21 (particularly chapters 34-37) and in many subsequent negotiations and international deliberations.

In 2002, many of the world�s leaders met in Johannesburg for the World Summit on Sustainable Development. One of the key outcomes of this meeting was the high-level Johannesburg Declaration, which stated that further efforts were needed from the international community to address sustainable development, environmental problems and poverty. Building on the Millennium Development Goals, the World Summit on Sustainable Development established various targets and timeframes to address these issues, including many relating to capacity building and technology support.

The need for a strategic approach to capacity building and technology support was also recognized, and this issue was addressed during UNEP�s recent international environmental governance process, which also acknowledged the importance of regional and subregional initiatives. UNEP has convened several meetings recently that have covered these issues, including discussions during the UNEP Governing Council Special Session held in Jeju, Republic of Korea, in late March 2004. There have also been discussions in a working group of UNEP�s Committee of Permanent Representatives held on 5 and 19 May and 2 June 2004. The Committee considered how it could contribute to the High-Level Open-ended Working Group�s work, and identified a number of key questions and relevant issues that should be taken up by the Group in preparing a draft strategic plan for technology support and capacity building. The Working Group�s first meeting precedes the ECOSOC session starting on 28 June.

For more information contact: UNEP New York Office; tel: +1-212-963-8210; fax: +1-212-963-7341; e-mail: info@nyo.unep.org.

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