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The objectives of this chapter are intended to improve the conservation of biological diversity and the sustainable use of biological resources. Since the Biodiversity Convention negotiations had not been completed by the end of PrepCom IV, several contentious paragraphs were left bracketed so as not to preempt the work of the INC. It was assumed that once the INC negotiations were completed in late May, UNCED would simply incorporate the relevant language from the Convention right into the Biodiversity chapter in Agenda 21. However, at the commencement of contact group negotiations (chaired by Amb. Vincente Sanchez of Chile) delegations attempted to re-open negotiations on those issues that had been completely resolved within the INC framework. Thus, discussions proceeded with difficulty on such outstanding issues as: the equitable sharing of benefits derived from the benefits of research and development of biological and genetic resources; rights of countries of origin to benefit from biotechnological development; national registration of biological resources; technology transfer. Agreement was finally reached on compromise language that reflects language in the Biodiversity convention.Thus the final text has one programme area, "Conservation of biological diversity".