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Chapters 23-32 of Agenda 21 address the role of nine major groups in all aspects of Agenda 21: women; youth; indigenous peoples; non-governmental organizations; local authorities; trade unions; business and industry; the scientific and technological community; and farmers.

There were few bracketed paragraphs in these chapters, however, Dutch Amb. Leon Mazairac, who had coordinated discussion on these chapters at PrepCom IV, held additional consultations to facilitate resolution. The only chapter that generated much discussion in the Main Committee was Chapter 31 on the scientific and technological community. The Holy See asked why the phrase "appropriate ethical principles" had been removed from the text of paragraph 31.12 on capacity building. Mazairac responded that the delegates who had consulted on this matter thought that the text should be more general as there are other principles other than ethical ones. The Holy See said that it wanted to see this text remain and asked to hear the opinions of other delegates. Koh was able to prevail on the Committee to adopt the text, while noting the Holy See's concerns.