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On the issue of the schedule of meetings of the INC-D, Denmark, on behalf of the EC, requested that the first meeting of the INC-D take place in March-April, as originally proposed, rather than the May-June date announced the previous day. He added that the EC not only preferred to get an early start on these negotiations, but was concerned that the May-June dates would overlap with the GEF participants meeting scheduled in Beijing. Egypt and Colombia (on behalf of the G-77) expressed similar concerns.

Kjell‚n intervened to say that the time actually available for negotiations in 1993 is very limited. Furthermore, since the Secretariat is just installing itself in Geneva, they need time to consult with the panel of scientific experts and time to prepare the documentation and translate it into all UN languages. He said that he is aware of the GEF meeting and the fact that the UNDP Governing Council begins on 2 June, but there is no other time available.

Mauritania proposed that the Committee request that the GEF and the Population Conference preparatory committee meeting (which is scheduled to take place in May) adjust their dates to allow the INC-D to meet. Benin suggested that the INC-D meet from 25 April to 7 May. Kjell‚n responded that these dates coincide with the UNICEF meeting in New York and the Human Settlements meeting in Nairobi. He also suggested that maybe the INC-D could meet on Saturday, 29 May and thus conclude one day earlier, on Thursday, 3 June, to decrease the overlap with other meetings. After a number of other delegates commented on the proposed schedule, Colombia proposed that the Bureau look into the matter further. Kjell‚n then adjourned the meeting.

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