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Kjell‚n reviewed the discussion thus far on the schedule of meetings. He said that he sensed that there was general agreement to accept the proposal outlined in document A/AC.241/L.1 and that he would contact representatives from the World Bank and China to see if the dates of the GEF meeting could be modified so that the June meeting of the GEF and the first session of the INC-D would not overlap. He also said that he would be in touch with the Secretariat of the Population Conference to ensure that there was no schedule conflict in May. With the understanding that the dates could be modified in the future, if necessary, he asked the Committee if they could adopt the schedule of meetings as follows: 24 May - 3 June 1993 (Nairobi); 13-24 September 1993 (Geneva); 17-28 January 1994 (New York); 21-31 March 1994 (Geneva) and early June 1994 (Paris). Thus, the schedule was adopted.