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PLENARY: Amb. Kjell‚n announced yesterday that this morning's session will begin with election of the remaining three positions on the bureaus of the working groups. Discussion will then begin on the presentations made yesterday on the North African experience. Following this discussion, time will be allotted for other African states to present their experiences in combatting desertification. The next speaker will be Mahmoud Shidiwah, Director of the Desertification Control Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of Yemen. Following him will be Narain Singh, Inspector General of Forests of the Government of India. A representative of Iran will speak on sand dune fixation and efforts to combat desertification in that country. Prof. Zhu Zhenda, Director of the National Project of Fragile Ecosystem and Rehabilitation, will speak on China's experiences. He will be followed by Dr. Tsohiogyn Adyasuren, Director General, Environment Science, Monitoring and International Cooperation Department in the Ministry for Nature and Environment of Mongolia.

Samuel Franke Campa�a of the Corporaci�n Nacional Forestal of Chile will speak, followed by two Brazilians: Paulo Roberto Fran‡a of the Environment Division in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Dr. Valdemar Rodriguez, Secretary of the Environment of Teresina, Piau�, and Manuel Anaya, Director of Investigation and representative of the Department of Social Development of Mexico. The last of the developing country governments to speak should be a representative of Turkmenistan, speaking on Central Asian efforts to combat desertification. If time permits, the Committee will hear the experiences of developed countries, beginning with Australia, Spain and the United States.