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PLENARY: General debate will continue on the format and possible elements of the Convention. Interventions should begin with the OAU, Denmark on behalf of the EC, France, Brazil, Malaysia, Germany, Sudan, Madagascar, China, Italy, Kenya, UK, Finland, Central African Republic, and Tanzania. In the afternoon interventions are expected from Nigeria, Indonesia, Belgium, Austria, US, Argentina, Mexico, Sweden, Niger, Gambia, Norway, the Netherlands, Australia, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Tunisia and a representative of the NGOs.

It is possible that the Plenary will address document A/AC.241/L.6, a proposal submitted by the Chair on the mandates for the working groups. Numerous consultations have been taking place within the regional groups on this issue over the past few days. The Chair announced on Monday afternoon that he would undertake further consultations on this item and the Committee should be ready to adopt the proposal today. Because of the limited time available, Kjell‚n does not want to have a lengthy discussion on this matter. Thus, if there is still no agreement among delegations, consultations will likely continue today and the Committee will not address L.6 until Wednesday morning.