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PLENARY: Discussion will continue this morning on the elaboration of the Convention. The list of speakers includes: Chile, Iran, Portugal, Peru, Botswana, Spain, Mauritania, Bolivia and IGADD. In the afternoon, the Plenary will address Agenda Item 5, a review of the situation as regards extrabudgetary funds (A/AC.241/8). A new document updating the status of contributions is expected to be available this morning. It is also possible that the Plenary will address the mandates of the working groups today. Consultations continued yesterday on the Chair's proposal, A/AC.241/L.6, and a G-77 draft proposal that was circulated yesterday afternoon. The Chair met with the heads of the regional and interest groups last night to see if there was consensus on the mandate of the working groups. Kjell‚n did not want to have a long discussion on this matter and expressed hope that consensus could be reached before the item was addressed formally by the Plenary.