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The Group met in an informal session and delegates considered the unresolved portions of the negotiating text on the GM distributed on Friday, 10 January. A proposal was made to add “as appropriate” to bracketed text noting that the GM’s activities “could include playing a catalytic role in facilitating the availability of funds for project and programme design and development from bilateral and multilateral sources...”

Bracketed choices regarding the “mobilization/facilitation of mobilization,” “promotion/promotion to ensure” and “channelling/promotion of channelling” of resources remained the focus of disagreement and discussion. The regional groups indicated a willingness to continue negotiations, but none accepted the other’s alternative text. It was noted that one regional group believes the GM should have a political role while the other believes it should have a financial role. A suggested compromise was to include both roles. Another suggestion was to separate references to Parties’ responsibilities to mobilize and channel resources and the organization of the GM. The informal group adjourned and a small core group reconvened to continue negotiating the text.