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Despite numerous pleas from Working Group II’s Chair during the first week and an informal consultation on Monday of the second week, delegates in the Group have seemed reluctant to resolve the issue of the composition of the Bureau in the rules of procedure of the Conference of the Parties (COP). Although the issue has several facets, a possible solution may yet emerge on this intricate matter. According to some delegates, a possible agreement might be for eleven COP Bureau members (nine Vice-Chairpersons, Rule 22, paragraph 1) if it is stated in Rule 31 that subsidiary bodies’ bureaus would have five members (four Vice-Chairpersons). Some also suggested there is agreement to leave out the bracketed text stating that “every geographical region shall be represented by at least two members” (Rule 22, paragraph 1), since there is a reference to equitable geographical distribution in the already agreed, unbracketed text. They suggested that these solutions, however, depend on the deletion of the reference to ensuring “adequate representation of affected Country Parties in regions referred to in the implementation annexes of the Convention.” Some delegates indicated that if that text could not be deleted, negotiations would be back to square one.