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Dr. Marilyn Yakowitz examined a number of financial resource trends related to combatting desertification. Total financial resource inflows to developing countries have increased on average by over US$6 billion each year during the period 1986-1991. This amounts to an average annual increase of about 5%. During this period, total net resource inflows to developing countries increased from US$73.2 to US$132.2 billion. She mentioned a number of economic factors that affect sustainable development including capital exports, external debt, aggregate debt service payments, debt-for-nature swaps and capital flight.

On a regional basis, areas affected by desertification are receiving substantial shares of total ODA flows, although not just to combat desertification. At the sectoral level, precise data for financial flows cannot always be obtained since there are dozens of categories that might be associated with combatting desertification. She added that the utility of data collection and analysis of financial resources flows may be best directed to, or interwoven with planning, development and implementation as a management tool, rather than as an accounting exercise alone.