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2. Definitions: While most delegates agreed that the definition of desertification used in Chapter 12 of Agenda 21 should be the point of departure, there was a multitude of opinions about whether or not this definition should be expanded. Canada, Mali, Ghana and Tunisia all advocated starting with the definition in Agenda 21. Gambia stated that the definition of desertification in Agenda 21 is not sacrosanct and could be revisited. Benin and Sudan said that the definition in Agenda 21 should be expanded to include the economic and social causes of desertification. France said the definition provided for in Agenda 21 should suffice, but that social and economic aspects should take precedence over climatic issues. The Netherlands said that the definition needs to include population growth and migration and Poland stated that the definition should be reviewed to include land degradation. Malaysia and Brazil warned that the definitions used in the Convention should not include forests, unless they are located in drylands. Finally, Egypt said that the INCD should not spend its time defining desertification, rather it should define how to combat desertification.