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IV. Global Commitments:

Many delegates addressed the issue of global commitments. Algeria said there should be both global and country-specific commitments, as well as increased multilateral cooperation through the UN or the informal community of NGOs. While Sweden said that global commitments should be the same for all participants, the UK wanted a distinction made between the commitments of affected and unaffected countries. Portugal said that global commitments must be carefully defined and Denmark, on behalf of the EC, said that parties should only make commitments that can be effectively implemented and easily monitored. Gambia said that the commitments in the Convention should be in the form of information, financial and human resource exchanges between countries. Mali listed four kinds of global commitments that should be contained in the Convention: scientific, including strengthening national capacities and creating international centres; technical; economic, including reducing the debt burden and trade imbalances; and financial, including improving existing mechanisms.