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Arba Diallo, the Executive Secretary of the INCD, introduced the two documents that address extrabudgetary funds, A/AC.241/8 and Add.1. US$1.3 million has been pledged to the special voluntary fund for participation of developing countries and US$450,000 has been received. US$1.5 million has been pledged to the trust fund for the negotiating process and US$600,000 has been received. Diallo mentioned that the participation of developing countries at this session was made possible by Denmark, Norway and the US. UNEP and UNDP have taken decisions to support the Secretariat trust fund, and the Netherlands will contribute one million guilders (US$560,000). He also mentioned a number of decisions taken by governments and international organizations to support preparations in some countries. Germany is providing DM1 million to support the case studies in the countries of the Sudano-Sahelian region and Tunisia. Canada, Switzerland and the WMO are discussing the secondment of experts to the Secretariat. UNSO has committed up to US$200,000 for the case studies and FAO is providing the part-time services of an environmental lawyer.

Norway commented on the amount of funds it distributes through ODA (1% of GNP) and said she was disappointed on the level of actual dispersement of funds pledged and does not want the Secretariat to spend all its time fundraising. Australia pledged $A50,000 to the trust fund. Switzerland said that they were organizing a seminar on negotiating techniques to be held in Geneva just prior to the September session. Canada and Sweden both said that their funds had been transferred and should have been received. UNEP said its contribution is for US$300,000, not the US$250,000 listed. Norway requested an updated version of the document to bring back to capitals. Mauritania thanked all countries contributing, but expressed concern about lack of coordination between aid to specific countries and aid to the Secretariat. Both Diallo and Kjell‚n appealed to delegations to make contributions and fulfill pledges already made to both funds.

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