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The INCD Secretariat will be busy during the Geneva summer as new members arrive from several governments and UN agencies, necessary installations are made on their new offices (like telephones and office furniture), and long-awaited funds trickle in from pledges made during the January and May sessions. The Secretariat will be producing two or three documents for the second session. The first will be a compilation text based on the government submissions received by the 1 July deadline. This document will follow the outline of the Convention generally agreed to in Nairobi and may possibly be divided into two sections, following the mandates for the two working groups. This document should provide focus for the discussions in September. The second document in preparation will be the report of the information sharing segment in Nairobi. There is a possibility that the Secretariat will also develop the background documentation necessary for the INCD to initiate negotiations on the regional instruments. This request was part of the Chair's compromise text that, although not adopted, was attached to the report of the first session to provide guidance to the Secretariat. In addition, the Secretariat will host, during August, the meeting of the International Panel of Experts on Desertification (IPED) and the Inter-Agency Working Group.