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NGOS TO BE RECOMMENDED FOR ACCREDITATION (A/AC.241/9/Add.2): The Secretariat has recommended that 35 additional NGOs be accredited to participate in the work of the Committee. This list includes 22 developing country NGOs.

ANNOTATED PROVISIONAL AGENDA (A/AC.241/11): This document includes the provisional agenda, adopted at the Nairobi session as A/AC.241/L.8.

COMPILATION OF GOVERNMENT VIEWS, STATEMENTS AND DRAFTING PROPOSALS (A/AC.241/12): This lengthy background negotiating document, prepared by the Secretariat at the request of the INCD, synthesizes more than 700 pages of comments, statements and drafting proposals for the contents of the Convention. The document has been organized to allow Working Group I to take up the preamble, principles, objectives, commitments, including financial arrangements and capacity building and Working Group II to tackle the scientific/technical areas and Section III, "Institutional and Procedural Arrangements," which will include any instruments related to the Convention.

REVIEW OF THE SITUATION AS REGARDS EXTRABUDGETARY FUNDS (A/AC.241/13): This document lists the pledges made and the actual contributions received for both the Special Voluntary Fund to support the participation of developing countries affected by drought and desertification and the Trust Fund for the negotiating process. It also includes summaries of expenditures to date and estimates for the necessary extrabudgetary resources needed for the remainder of the negotiating process. Several governments have not yet fulfilled their pledges, including France (US$166,667), Germany (US$174,418) and the Netherlands (US$518,134).

THE REPORT OF THE FIRST SESSION (A/48/226): This report (also listed as A/AC.241/10), is the note by the Secretary-General to the 48th General Assembly under item 100 of the provisional agenda on the implementation of the decisions and recommendations of UNCED. A report of the INCD from its first session that summarizes the work of the Committee, lists the participants and includes the texts of the decisions adopted at the session.

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