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WORKING GROUP I: Working Group I will begin substantive discussion on the structure and nature of commitments. This discussion is expected to last all day. However, as this group is proceeding through its agenda items at a rapid pace, it is possible that the delegates may begin discussion on the next item, national action programmes.

WORKING GROUP II: Working Group II will continue the discussions on transfer of technology and cooperation; research and development; and information, analysis and exchange. If time permits, the group will start work on the institutions section.

IN THE CORRIDORS: The Chair, Bo Kjell‚n, is expected to produce a draft decision document on the modalities for the negotiation of regional instruments today. Look for Kjell‚n to begin a series of bilateral and multilateral consultations on this divisive issue. Kjell‚n will also be meeting with the heads of the regional groups this evening at 6:00 pm.