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WORKING GROUP I: Working Group I will continue its discussion of capacity building this morning and then address education and public awareness. If time permits, discussions on financial resources and mechanisms will begin this afternoon. Look for continuation of the debate between developed and developing countries over the need for new and additional resources and the commitments made in Chapter 33 of Agenda 21.

WORKING GROUP II: The Working Group will not meet today to allow time for regional groups to discuss regional instruments. Look for a non-paper from the Secretariat on this subject. The Working Group will meet in their regional groups as follows: 8:30 am -- European Community, Room 22; 9:00 am -- Latin American and Caribbean Group, Room 21; and 9:00 am -- African Group, Room 17.

IN THE CORRIDORS: INCD Chair Bo Kjell‚n is expected to table a revised draft decision on the future work of the INCD today. This revised draft will be based on the discussions that Kjell‚n has held over the past few days with the heads of the various regional and interest groups. Look for discussion of the latest draft in the corridors and in the regional group meetings in preparation for Wednesday's informal plenary meeting on this matter.