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PLENARY: This morning's informal meeting of the Plenary will focus on the Chair's draft decision on the future work of the INCD. The regional groups have been meeting on this document and the heads of the regional groups were scheduled to meet with Amb. Kjell‚n Tuesday evening. Look for a lukewarm response from the Western Europe and Others Group, which might have problems with the lack of specificity in the document regarding the type of regional instruments and the open-ended nature of negotiations proposed. The G-77 will have a common position, based on the outcome of the meeting held Tuesday afternoon. The G-77 is expected to support the Chair's text with some minor revisions.

WORKING GROUP I: Discussion on financial resources and mechanisms will continue this afternoon in Working Group I. Speakers will include Australia, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Tunisia, Spain, Nigeria, Niger, Kenya, Malawi, Benin, Senegal, Norway, Netherlands, Iran and Finland. The speakers' list for this item has been closed. After completion of the discussion on financial resources and mechanisms, the Working Group will examine the last item on its agenda: coordination and cooperation.

WORKING GROUP II: The group will have an informal brainstorming session on regional instruments. Look for an annotated paper from the Secretariat to guide the discussions. Also, look for a decision on the choice between regional annexes and protocols.