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The second session of the INCD opened on Monday, 13 September 1993 in Geneva. The Committee first heard statements by ministers from Mali, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Cape Verde, Burkina Faso, and Uzbekistan, and representatives of Japan, Tunisia, the Organization of African Unity, the Sahara and Sahel Observatory, and UN Sudano-Sahelian Office. Dominic Walubengo of KENGO also briefed the Committee on the report of the Bamako NGO Forum that was held in August. The PrepCom also accredited 61 NGOs, bringing the total to 233 NGOs accredited to participate as observers.

Then the Committee turned its attention to the main task of the session -- a careful reading of A/AC.241/12, "Compilation of Government Views, Statements and Drafting Proposals." The results of this reading and discussion, which took place within the two working groups, will form the basis from which the Secretariat will prepare a consolidated text in time for the next session of the INCD, to be held in January 1994. In addition to this task carried out by the working groups, the Plenary also elected the remaining officers to the Committee and considered the future work of the Committee and the situation as regards extrabudgetary funds.