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The African Group strongly supported the establishment of subsidiary bodies, especially a scientific/technical advisory board and a body to deal with financial matters. Senegal urged delegates to show support for the African position and stated that agreement on the establishment of subsidiary bodies would be the expression of a willingness to move discussions to a more operational phase. Uzbekistan urged delegates to reach agreement on the question of subsidiary bodies and suggested that monitoring centres, as proposed by the African Group, should be established. Despite the apparent agreement for such monitoring centres, there appeared to be some question whether to establish new institutions for such purposes or to strengthen existing ones. Botswana stated that desertification and drought are of such great importance that it is necessary to have an independent body on technical matters that works closely with other institutions focussed on related issues. Botswana reminded delegates that WMO had offered to provide facilities for such a body. Zimbabwe urged that at least the monitoring body should be based in Africa. The issue of the establishment of a scientific and technical advisory body was not resolved by the group.