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The UNEP Desertification Control Programme Activity Centre (DC/PAC) hosted an international workshop on "Listening to the People: Social Aspects of Dryland Management" in Nairobi from 14-18 December 1993. This meeting brought together about 80 participants from academia, government, donor organizations and NGOs. The organizers hoped the workshop would help address: how past success stories could be replicated; what enabling mechanisms could increase people's participation; the integration of socio-economic information at the ground level; the maintenance of effective two-way communication; and how benefits of dryland management reach those affected. The report of this workshop will be presented to the INCD at its third session.


The Second Committee of the 48th session of the UN General Assembly considered the implementation of the decisions and recommendations of the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) and other environmental matters on Friday, 19 November, Tuesday, 23 November and Wednesday, 24 November 1993. Delegates had before them the reports of the first two sessions of the INCD, as contained in documents A/48/226 and A/48/226/Add.1. During the three days of debate, delegates supported the work of the INCD and added their support to the draft resolution submitted to the General Assembly by the INCD. This resolution would extend the mandate of the INCD until January 1995. The Convention and the instrument for Africa would still be completed by June 1994, but one additional session would be held after adopting the Convention and before January 1995 to review progress on the negotiation of other regional instruments and to prepare for the first Conference of Parties.

Amb. Bo Kjell‚n, Chair of the INCD, gave a brief description of the first two sessions of the Committee and their results, some specific comments on the draft resolution before the Second Committee and a presentation of the final phase of negotiation. The preliminary text of the Convention has been prepared by the Secretariat and is now being circulated. In parallel with the substantive discussions in the working groups, there were consultations on a number of procedural issues related to the structure of the negotiation, in particular concerning regional instruments. The INCD drafted a resolution to be presented to the General Assembly for adoption. This resolution urges the INCD to complete its work by June 1994, but requests one additional session after the conclusion of the Convention. This follows the same pattern as that adopted for the Climate Change Convention. The draft resolution also urges governments to contribute to the voluntary funds. [Return to start of article]