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supported the INCD as desertification is a problem that threatens the future of the entire planet. India also accepted having a regional instrument for Africa ahead of instruments for the other regions that suffer from desertification. China and Iran agreed that developed countries should provide new and additional financial resources to help the developing countries to carry out their obligations under the Convention. As long as all parties take a positive, flexible and practical approach, agreement can be reached before June 1994.

The Republic of Korea suggested that intensive discussions on the meaning of desertification, drought and drylands, type of regional instruments, financial resources and mechanisms and transfer of technology should be held in the future sessions. The financial mechanism should be developed with respect to its ability to effectively mobilize and utilize the resources. Indonesia commented that the INCD is also important as this will be the first environmental convention to be negotiated after Rio. The task of the INCD is not only to achieve agreement on a set of practices and conditions so that the utilization of drylands does not lead to degradation, but also to develop and strengthen integrated development programmes to tackle the socio-economic causes of desertification.