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welcomed the establishment of the INCD and the participation of intergovernmental organizations and NGOs. However, the Convention is not an end unto itself. It is essential that there is also a focus on implementation. Mali is aware that development can only be achieved in a healthy environment, but the struggle against desertification is subsumed in the struggle to develop.

The draft resolution adopted by the General Assembly urges the INCD to successfully complete the negotiations by June 1994, in accordance with resolution 47/188. The INCD shall hold one session after the adoption of the Convention in order to review the situation in the interim period pending the entry into force of the Convention, in particular with regard to the implementation of provisions adapted to the specific needs of each region. The session of the INCD after the adoption of the Convention should be held not later than 31 January 1995. The General Assembly resolution also: requests the Secretary-General to make appropriate arrangements for the functioning of the ad hoc secretariat and the multidisciplinary panel of experts to service that session; decides that the negotiating process will continue to be funded through existing UN budgetary resources; and invites the international community to make voluntary contributions to the INCD Secretariat, the special voluntary fund to assist the least developed countries, and other organizations and funds that assist countries affected by drought and/or desertification in their preparation for the negotiating process.