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WORKING GROUP I: Working Group I will migrate back to Conference Room 1 where heat has been "guaranteed." Delegates will begin discussion on Article 16, "Coordination in the elaboration and implementation of action programmes." The Chair is concerned that the Group is now two days behind schedule and hopes that progress can be made today. Other articles that may be discussed today are 21 (capacity building, education and public awareness), 22 (financial resources) and 23 (financial mechanisms).

WORKING GROUP II: The Working Group will continue discussions on Institutions -- Article 27, "Evaluation and Monitoring Centre," and thereafter, procedural matters.

IN THE CORRIDORS: Look for copies of the draft regional annex for Africa, prepared by the African Group, to be circulated today. Discussion on the regional instrument for Africa is scheduled to begin in Working Group II next week. In the meantime, members of the Latin American and Caribbean Group have also held preliminary discussions on their own regional annex. A technical preparatory meeting of the National Conference and Latin American Seminar on Desertification, which met in Brasilia in December, began to elaborate elements of this regional annex. Informal consultations toward this end will continue.