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PLENARY: The Plenary will meet this morning to review the situation as regards extrabudgetary funds. The report on both the voluntary fund to support the participation of developing countries affected by drought and desertification and the trust fund for the negotiating process is contained in document A/AC.241/16. The Plenary is also expected to hear progress reports from the Chairs of the two working groups.

WORKING GROUP I: Discussion will continue today on Article 22, Financial Resources, and Article 23, Financial Mechanisms. A number of speakers are already on the list, including Morocco, Uganda, Kazahkstan, Cameroon, Egypt, Japan and Norway. If time permits, the Working Group will then return to the Preamble and consider the revised text distributed by the Secretariat on Friday. Look for the Chair, Ahmed Djoghlaf, to make his first appearance on the rostrum today.

WORKING GROUP II: Discussions are expected to continue today on the remaining procedural articles (30-42). To assist delegates in their second reading this week, the Secretariat circulated the amended texts on Articles 1 (Definitions), 18 (Information collection, analysis and exchange), 19 (Research and Development) and 20 (Transfer, acquisition, adaptation and development of technology). The amendments to the other articles will be circulated by Tuesday.