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WORKING GROUP I: In the words of the delegate of Mali, Working Group I will continue to tango (one step forward, one step back) and waltz (around in circles) through the revised draft of the Preamble, to be followed by Article 2, Objective, and Article 3, Principles, as contained in document A/AC.241/WG.I/CRP.1.

WORKING GROUP II: Look for an advance copy of the amendments on Part IV: Institutions (A/AC.241/WGII/CRP.5). The Working Group will complete its first reading of Articles 40, 41 and 42 on procedures before beginning its second reading of the text. An additional evening session is planned for 6:00 pm tonight. Discussion on the regional instrument for Africa should begin on Wednesday.

IN THE CORRIDORS: Look for INCD Chair Bo Kjell‚n to hold informal consultations with members of the Bureau and the regional groups regarding a draft decision that he is preparing. The decision is expected to: 1) request the Secretariat to revise the negotiating text; 2) request the Secretariat to present a draft instrument for Africa; 3) request the INCD to consider the drafts of other regional instruments at INCD-4; 4) request the Secretariat to prepare recommendations for the interim period; and 5) call on the INCD to reaffirm its resolve to complete the negotiations by June in accordance with Resolution 48/191.