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ARTICLE 1 -- USE OF TERMS: The Chair noted that the listing of country Parties will not be done, but that the categories will be addressed later. It was agreed that the glossary would be left to the Conference of the Parties to develop.

ARTICLE 18 -- INFORMATION COLLECTION, ANALYSIS AND EXCHANGE: Norway reported that the sub-working group had succeeded in removing all the brackets except one remaining in the chapeau. The US noted changes to sub-paragraph (g) regarding local and traditional knowledge.

ARTICLE 26 -- ADVISORY PANEL ON RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: The G-77 suggested new text, while Norway reminded delegates that the proposed text from Prof. al-Kassas' working group represented consensus language and should be adopted.


At 6:00 pm Working Group II met in a informal session to consider the Regional Implementation Annexes for Asia and Latin America. The Asian annex, which was orally presented by India, has six sections including: the purpose; particular conditions of the Asian region; preparation, format and content of the national and sub-regional action programmes; and coordination and financial resources. The Latin American annex, which was presented orally by Panama, has four chapters: diagnosis; thematic areas; programme of action and implementation; and technical, scientific and financial cooperation. Delegates made general comments related to time schedules, sub-regional divisions and coordination processes. The 4-page Asian annex was distributed during the course of the meeting. The English version of the Latin American annex will be available during the week.

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