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PLENARY: The Plenary will meet this morning to consider Agenda Item 3, Review of the situation as regards extrabudgetary funds (A/AC.241/20). The Plenary will also hear progress reports from the Chairs of the two working groups.

WORKING GROUP I: When the Group convenes this afternoon, it will begin its third reading of the text. Look for revised text to be circulated in the morning. The Chair, Ahmed Djoglaf, may also announce that the Group will meet informally on Tuesday in hope that greater progress can be made on some of the more problematic articles and paragraphs.

WORKING GROUP II: Working Group II will commence a second reading of the Regional Implementation Annex for Africa that will have been revised by the Contact Group over the weekend. There will be an evening session today, and if necessary, another one tomorrow to enable the Group to complete the second reading of the African Annex and sections of the main text of the Convention.