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WORKING GROUP I: Look for a revised version of the text to be distributed in Working Group I today. The Group is expected to do one last reading of the remaining bracketed sections of the text that do not deal with financial issues or definitions. These include: paragraph 21 of the Preamble; two new paragraphs in the Preamble proposed by the Russian Federation and the G-77/China, respectively; Article 3 (Principles); Article 7 (Priority to Africa); Article 8, paragraph 2 (Relationship with other Conventions); Article 9, paragraph 1 (Basic Approach); Article 10, paragraph 3 (Fields to be covered in national action programmes); Article 12 (Sub-Regional and Regional Action Programmes); Article 14 (Measures to mitigate the effects of drought); and Article 21, sub-paragraph (f) (energy) and paragraph 4 (training centres). Since this is the last meeting of the Working Group, it will conclude the day by adopting its report.

WORKING GROUP II: The Group will continue negotiations on the regional annex for Africa Wednesday morning, and adopt the final texts of both the regional annex and the Convention Wednesday afternoon. Look for new text on the African annex, based on negotiations during Tuesday's informal sessions.