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The Group met in the morning and the evening and completed its preparation of a single negotiating text of the African regional implementation annex.

COMMITMENTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF AFRICAN COUNTRY PARTIES: Despite consensus on the contents, the article was left in brackets pending agreement on the rest of the Convention.

COMMITMENTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF DEVELOPED COUNTRY PARTIES: There is still no consensus on this article, primarily because developed country Parties are reluctant to have their expected contributions expressed in fixed amounts, but also pending the outcome of the negotiations on financial resources and mechanisms.

IMPLEMENTATION AND EVALUATION INDICATORS: This article was subsumed into the article on preparation of national action plans, since it provides for the establishment of readily verifiable indicators for implementation assessment.

CONTENT OF NATIONAL ACTION PROGRAMMES: The text submitted by a sub-working group was adopted with minor changes. The article lists measures to: improve the economic environment for poverty eradication; conserve natural resources; improve institutional organization; improve knowledge of desertification; and monitor and assess the effects of drought.

CONTENT OF SUB-REGIONAL ACTION PROGRAMMES: New text was distributed that summarizes the requirements for preparation of the programmes. The only outstanding issue is whether the proposed mechanisms for the management of shared natural resources for sub-regional action programmes would be established only "where necessary."

PREPARATION OF SUB-REGIONAL ACTION PROGRAMMES: This article mandates the establishment of consultative processes within each sub-region, supported by a task force of relevant sub-regional institutions, to oversee the preparation of action programmes. A summarized version of the required measures was submitted for consideration.

ORGANIZATIONAL FRAMEWORK FOR REGIONAL ACTION PROGRAMMES (ARTICLE 10) AND CONTENT OF THE REGIONAL ACTION PROGRAMME (ARTICLE 11): There was protracted debate regarding the need for these articles. Some delegates argued that monitoring and assessment measures are only effective if they are undertaken on a regional basis. Both remain bracketed. New text that merges the two was submitted but not discussed.

STRENGTHENING OF UNITED NATIONS AND OTHER INSTITUTIONS: New text was agreed that reads: "In accordance with Article 9 paragraph 3 of this Convention, the Parties shall encourage funds, agencies and programmes of the United Nations and other relevant international organizations to support African countries in the implementation of the Convention."

FINANCIAL AND TECHNICAL COOPERATION: There was consensus to postpone negotiations on this article pending the completion of the work of the Johnson/Sonko Group. It was also agreed that these negotiations be based on the second version that divides the article into three parts: financial resources, financial mechanisms, and technical assistance and cooperation.

COORDINATION AND PARTNERSHIP: The article calls for consultative processes between various interested parties. No consensus was reached since some delegations felt the contents were covered elsewhere.

FOLLOW-UP ARRANGEMENTS: The article was adopted with a clarification that the provisions are to be carried out by African country Parties only.

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