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This article now contains the text of the original Article 10 as well as components of the former Article 11 (Fields to be covered in national action programmes) and the former Article 14 (Measures to mitigate the effects of drought). Many non- African countries felt that the list of fields to be covered was Africa-specific and was better suited to the African Implementation Annex. A compromise was reached and some of the more general fields are now listed in paragraph 4 of Article 10. These include: "promotion of alternative livelihoods, improvement of national economic environments with a view to strengthening programmes aimed at the eradication of poverty and at ensuring food security, sustainable management of natural resources, sustainable agriculture practices, development and efficient use of various energy sources, institutional and legal frameworks, strengthening of capabilities for assessment and monitoring, including hydrological and meteorological services, and capacity building, education and public awareness."

The former article on measures to mitigate the effects of drought is now contained, in its entirety, in paragraph 3. Only sub-paragraph 3(f), on cloud-seeding programmes, remains in brackets, since some delegates felt it was better suited for the article on research.