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The Chair, Anne de Lattre (France) requested regional representatives to provide guidance on the Group's programme of work. Benin, on behalf of the African Group, requested that the African Annex be negotiated in a separate group, with formal negotiations to commence Tuesday morning and continue through Wednesday evening. He suggested that negotiations on the other annexes start Thursday morning. He also requested a new Secretariat text for the African Annex, which would take account of the intersessional consultations. Peru, on behalf of the Latin American and Caribbean Group, drew attention to its draft, which had been circulated that afternoon. He also requested that document A/AC.241/CRP.11, and not document A/AC.241/24, be used as the basis for discussion of the Latin American and Caribbean Annex. The UK did not agree that A/AC.241/24 should be abandoned. China, on behalf of the Asian Group, noted that its Group will meet Tuesday morning to formulate its common position on A/AC.241/25. Greece, on behalf of the EU, affirmed its support for the Northern Mediterranean Annex.

There was protracted and confusing discussion on the programme of work. Brazil proposed that the Group devote the morning sessions to the African Annex, with the other annexes to be negotiated in the afternoon sessions. Benin insisted that all of the sessions through Wednesday night be used to complete negotiations on the African Annex. Portugal affirmed the importance of commencing immediately with the African Annex. The US also proposed an informal session to enable delegates to exchange views on the African Annex. Since the Group could not reach agreement on its programme of work, the Chair agreed to transmit the various proposals to INCD Chair Bo Kjell‚n and obtain directions from him on the sequence of negotiations.

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